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    So what changes in PHP6?

    Can someone explain what changes php6 has and what points developers should consider while scripting with php6.

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    In a PHP book I've been reading they stated that the primary change for PHP 6 is support for Unicode. Plus the removal of several outdated features which are disabled in by default in current versions (register_globals, magic_quotes and safe_mode). If you Google "php 6" you will see other changes.
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    The register_globals, safe_mode and the various magic quotes options are removed and the ASP style <% tags are no longer be supported in PHP6.
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    The features list looks interesting. However, it will require time for hosters to adopt it all because of removal of functions like register_globals. Agreed that the function should be disabled for security, but there are a few applications and also developers using this function in their codes. All they do is to override the limitations using custom php.ini or .htaccess. It is also not possible to force everybody to upgrade their applications as everything comes at a cost. I would like to see if it can simultaneously run along with php 5 as is in the case of PHP4 and PHP5.
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