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    what is the max bandwidth a 100/10 port can offer ?


    i know 100/10 port can offer 100M max,

    but i see a article say the performance of 100/10 port usually can not reach 100M,

    if it can reach 50%,it is already very good.

    because a user want to rent 50M bandwidth from me,

    i worry if my switch may really reach 50M on the 100/10 port for him,

    my firend ask me had better use a 1000/100/10 port for the case.

    my switch is d-link des-3526.

    can you give some suggestion?


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    TCP/IP overhead is 40 bytes per packet. On normal packet sizes and under perfect conditions, overhead is around 2.7% so you'd be able to come close to 100 Mbps as suggested above. As Spudstr said, realistically you wouldn't want to do more than 85-90 or you'll probably start seeing dropped packets.

    At 50 Mbps you'll be fine on a 100 Mbps port.

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    we always try say under 60% that way you can kind of burst to 80-85% with no packet loss or problems.
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    If you mean data transfer, my rule of thumb is 200 gigs per mbit, but the more mbits you have, the higher the number, 10 mbit I'd say 205G per mbit, 100 I'd say closer to 220G per mbit. This is per month transfer.
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    if the switch offer 1000/100/10 port,

    but the cat5 line only support 100,

    by the way,the switch will still use 100 to run it instead of 1000,sure ?


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    I have had hosts set my 100 mbit server at 112 mbit, and I can run 100 mbps with no packet loss.

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    I hope we are not mixing half duplex/full duplex stuff with the maximum bandwidth.

    You can push 100 Mb/s on 100 Mb/s - once you'll hit 100% of course remote users will have problems with new connections, otherwise you'll be doing OK.

    That doesn't mean that you have to count on the system with 100 Mb/s - meaning that like I've said - any additional users will have problems - you don't want that to be happening, so why, usually you design the service about 60 - 80% utilization to have a room for "additional" users.
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    Depending on the switch you might also encounter memory limits depending on the load of the whole switch.. consider your internal traffic as well to your uplink

    Client of ours had a stack of 3coms that were 10/100/1000 he loaded it up full duplex across the board and when the total switch bandwidth was near 300mbit the thing would crap out if all your pushing is a single 100meg and selling 50 80% load should be fine
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