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    I've searched for this but can't find something exactly relating to my question...

    I currently have a .com domain, located in the US by IX Web Hosting, would it be beneficial for me to register a domain with 123-reg and have it re-direct to the .com? or is there a better way of doing it than just a re-direct?

    My site is mainly aimed at the UK market

    Im pretty sure as i have a .com domain and its located in the US, a lot of my traffic will be from the US, am i right?

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    Depending on the setup of your web host you should be able to just park the .uk domain on top of the .com domain.
    This will mean if anyone goes to either the .com/.uk you will just navigate through the website as normal.

    If your web host uses cPanel please see:
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    You are probably best moving your site to the UK if your target audience is based in UK as it will be faster for them, it does also help with getting your site ranked higher in Google UK etc. I know you can specify you're target audience in Google Webmaster Tools, but a UK IP address will help you more

    I don't think that 123-REG's system will allow you todo a redirect that search engines will pick up.

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    Currently I'm having no issues with speed, however something to do with IX Hosting i can't currently see where all my traffic is coming from, reading about i can see a lot of it being US though.

    Google Ad Words is putting the site as rank 1 on with the correct search terms, however obviously I want to get the most UK Traffic to the site as possible

    Bit of a pain moving the entire site though, and if 123-reg wont let me redirect, would it be possible to try and register the domain with IX Web Hosting so it just goes straight through to .com?

    If so would this actually make much difference apart from customers going to wouldn't get an error...

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    You can register your with anyone you want, and then just park the on top of the .com using cPanel.

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    So maybe that would be good ide to have as main domain name instead?
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    If you are concerned about the search engine positioning and your site rankings, you would be better off setting up a 301 redirect from your domain to the .com.
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    if your market is in uk based so i think .uk domain will suite ur business/site, yes u can use redirect terms with your .com domian. domains shows company site in uk based. .com is for commercial used all over the world so make a good decision.

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    Have both of them and use as core domain name and .com domain as addon. And install 301 redirect

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    215 definatly preferable if targetting the uk. More likely to appear high in search engines, and people know straight away that the business operates in the uk.

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    Since you mention you are targetting UK client base, IMO you should have your .com domain hosted on a UK server. Though you mentioned you are not facing any speed issues, however hosting your website on UK server will give you SEO benefit. When your clients try to search for your business related keywords, your domain will be listed prior in search engine list as compared to other similar business domains that are on US server. This is the main benefit of having your .com website hosted on UK server.

    Also, I would suggest you to park your domain, however it is not really necessary to attract your clients. Moving your domain as primary domain will need you to start its SEO optimization from scratch and this may get you a lower position as compared to your .com domain since its already old as compared to your domain. So for now, park domain on top of your .com domain and that should do the trick..!

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    If search engine traffic is what worries you, you might want to read what Google has to say about it:

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    212 will be suitable for your site if your business based in UK.And use .com as a parked domain using cpanel.Or,install 301 redirects.That is also good for your page ranking.

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