GigaTux supports Turnkey Linux ★ 50% off all Xen VPSs ★ From 4.99/month

Until the end of September 2009 (or until we sell out!), GigaTux are offering new users 50% off our 3-month and 12-month VPS packages! This is on any of our packages, from our starter 128MB RAM package all the way to 1GB and beyond.

There is also an additional donation made to the Turnkey Linux project for all users choosing a Turnkey distribution pre-installed*.

For 3-month Turnkey Linux pre-installs**, this works out as:

  • You pay us for the first month
  • We both donate the value of one month's subscription to Turnkey Linux (you pay us half and we'll pass on the donation)
  • We give you one month free

For 12-month Turnkey Linux pre-installs**, this works out as:

  • You pay us for the first 4.5 months
  • We both donate the value of 3 months' subscription to Turnkey Linux (you pay us half and we'll pass on the donation)
  • We give you 4.5 months free

Go to , choose your VPS package and enter voucher code TURNKEYHALF-WHT

Example VPS offers include:

128MB dedicated RAM
20GB disk
100GB bandwidth
Use of full 100Mbps connection

From 9.99 per month normally
From 4.99 per month with offer!

512MB dedicated RAM
80GB disk
400GB bandwidth
Use of full 100Mbps connection

From 33.99 per month normally
From 16.99 per month with offer!

Order your VPSs here before the offer ends!

We're usually able to customise your VPS as much as necessary, including free support for kernels of your choice (defaults are 2.6.18 and 2.6.26) and multiple IP addresses.

Any questions, email us at [email protected]

GigaTux also would like to announce that we now support all versions of Turnkey Linux on our standard Virtual Private Server packages. Automatic installs and reinstalls of any Turnkey Operating System can be performed through the provided web interface, and basic support is provided.

The following distributions are immediately available for automatic install:

  • Turnkey Linux Joomla
  • Turnkey Linux Drupal 6
  • Turnkey Linux Drupal 5
  • Turnkey Linux Django
  • Turnkey Linux Core
  • Turnkey Linux LAMP Stack
  • Turnkey Linux LAPP Stack
  • Turnkey Linux MediaWiki
  • Turnkey Linux MySQL
  • Turnkey Linux phpBB
  • Turnkey Linux PostgreSQL
  • Turnkey Linux Rails
  • Turnkey Linux Tomcat
  • Turnkey Linux Wordpress

This joins the following Operating Systems which are already available for automatic install:

  • Debian Lenny (can be downgraded if necessary)
  • Ubuntu 9.04 or 8.04
  • Fedora Core
  • Mandriva
  • Gentoo 2008.0
  • Centos

* - Yes, you can install Turnkey initially and then reinstall another OS later. The donation will still be made.
** - Non-Turnkey Linux installs are a standard half price deal.

Who are GigaTux?

GigaTux is a rapidly growing hosting company, launched in February 2007. GigaTux presently has high powered servers situated in a secure location around London. This location offers very impressive connectivity, with a very low latency, high bandwidth connection.

GigaTux believes in offering clients an honestly priced service, with no compromises on important aspects that matter - reliable storage, quality bandwidth and excellent customer service.

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What is Turnkey Linux?

Turnkey Linux is an open source project that's developing a family of free, Ubuntu-based software appliances which are optimized for ease of use in server-type usage scenarios and can be deployed in just a few minutes on bare metal, a virtual machine and in the cloud.

In a nutshell, the Turnkey project believes everything that can be easy, should be easy.

Packaging a solution as a software appliance can be incredibly useful because it allows clients to leverage guru integration skills to build ready to use systems (I.e., turn key solutions) that just work out of the box with little to no setup.

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