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Thread: Free Hosting!!

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    Free Hosting!!


    We are proud to announce that for 3 whole months we will be hosting sites free of charge. Here are the stats that are included in the special package:


    RedHat Linux 7.2 Os
    500 Megs Space
    20 Gigs Bandwidth
    Latest Ensim Control Panel

    Additional Features:

    Unlimited POP3 Email Boxes
    Unlimited Auto Responders
    Your Own SMTP Server (
    Web Mail Login
    Maining List Server
    Bandwith Monitoring Tools
    Web/Ftp Log Analizers
    Anonymous Ftp Server
    Web Logs
    CGI 5.6.1
    PHP 4.2.2
    Unlimited Mysql Databases
    Frontpage 2002 Extensions
    Backup/Restore Tools
    Ability to password protect directorys
    99.9% Uptime Guarentee!!
    AND MORE.....

    This package is free for 3 WHOLE MONTHS!! After that this package goes back to being $10 a month.

    For more info on this, or if you would like to be setup, please contact me via my contact info below.

    AIM Messenger: "darkfiles123"
    MSN Messenger: "[email protected]"
    Email: "[email protected]"

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    Great deal. Do you have a website?
    And how much will the monthly fee be for 100-200 megs of space and 5-7 gigs of bandwidth?

    AIM: bluedencity

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