After the success of our end of the month promotion, we got a bit carried away and ordered more of these monsters than we should've.
So we've got some just sitting around with nobody using them, and thats not productive. They're awesome boxes at a great price so we want to put customers on them!

Dual Quadcore Nehalem E5504 (2.0Ghz)
8GB DDR3 ECC Registered Ram (Scrubbing Enabled)
500GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache RAID EDITION SATA Drive (HW RAID Available)
10TB Xfer Included
5 IP's Included
Remote Console+Reboot Available

We have a few upgrades available:
500GB 7200RPM RE3 SATA Drive Upgrade - $20/Install, $10/Month (add up to 3)
Additional 4GB Ram - $50/Install, $20/month (add up to 10 more!)

Sign up in the next 24 hours and we'll throw in a month free and a hardware loadbalanced IP!

Our facilities are top notch; All have N+1 HVAC and Power.
All have self-starting generators and are manned 24x7.

Our premium network is based on best-path routing combined with low latency QoS, and the budget network is routed with route-du-jour. The networks themselves are not different in terms of physical topology so they're both highly reliable and feature great network access. Our network receives transit from Layer42, nLayer and peering in Los Angeles, San Jose and Seattle.
AppliedOps internet access is available in almost every major metro area across the US so email us if you don't see the facility you want on our website!

Test File: (more available)
Test IP:
Email: [email protected]
We accept Paypal, GoogleCheckout and Checks (No Moneyorders Please).
Please email for additional details, or you can call and talk to our sales department during normal business hours at 415-367-7328, option 1.