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    Mail Server For Hosting Controller 8

    I'm selected mail server. Between Smatermail and MailEnable.
    Can adive me for mailserver? I have no experience in smartermail and mailenable.


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    i think smartmail 6.x suite for mail server windows
    and provide mobile mail on blackberry,iphone,windows mobile
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    HC used to offer FREE license for SmarterMail 5.x with HC but I am not too sure whether they do the same for SmarterMail 6.x too.

    I agree with thaibizhost that SmarterMail is better option if you go for the features and SmarterMail is also offering new features too.

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    You should consider Icewarp (Merak ) a very professional and far far better than smarter mail.

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    MailEnable Standard version is FREE and it is fully supported with Hosting Controller. Above all it also supports Webmail now which was not there earlier in MailEnable Standard edition. So, if you wish to save some money then MailEnable is not a bad choice.

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    I have been using Smartermail, cannot compare it with others as all have one or the other feature which makes it stand apart from each other. However, I am more than happy with Smartermail. You can also opt for MailEnable professional or Enterprise edition as it is cheaper than Smartermail.
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