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    DreamHost VPS

    I've been looking at adding on DreamHost VPS to my current hosting account. I'm looking to continue to use it to host my personal site (fairly low traffic), but the main reason I want a VPS is for version control (aka Git - it's not as flexible on their shared hosting as Subversion is).

    What amount of RAM would I need to host something like this without it starting to hobble?


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    What kind of site are you running? What software do you use?

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    The site is really just a simple portfolio site that I also use for some personal projects. I tend to use my hosting more for source control than I do for its web stuff, but that could be subject to change. I just really need git to run without hiccups.

    It's all Linux hosting (Debian).

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    Are you going to use any sort of control panel with your VPS? Apache/lighttpd/litespped?

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    Start with 512 MB and just upgrade when you need to.

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    I would start with 256mb... or the smallest vps you can find and then upgrade when you need to.
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    The base amount at DreamHost is 150MB, so I could start at that. I'd be running Apache, and DH has their own custom panel that I don't think runs on my actual VPS, so that wouldn't be consuming resources. I know Git has some problems with it running out of RAM sometimes...does anyone know if it's even possible to run git with that little RAM?

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