Hey, just found this site. Definitely interesting to me. I have always been one for words. Always intrigued by etymology, and pursuant of great diction.


Interesting story behind the stumbleon though. I received one of those ignorant forwarded text messages that are just another form of SPAM from a friend. (You know the one. Where your asked to answer some inane question or provide useless fact about yourself)...

Anyway, this one came from the girlfriend and stated;
Describe me in one word using the 3rd letter of YOUR first name now...
Heh, it even said "now"! I would think she wrote this one herself...if it didn't have all those Fwd:fwd:fwd's (prepended)appended.

Hehe, I chose callipygous which I found here http://phrontistery.info/c.html
I figured that was pretty good considering I found the word in like 3 secs...and it made me seem intelligent while speaking to her heart (giving her compliments).