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    * StemCellTherapy.TV and .ME

    Looking to purchase a domain name www.StemCellTherapy.TV and .ME, so I want some advice on how much I should pay or get some general ideas what it might be worth.

    Throw out your BEST GUESS, i'd be happy to hear from EVERYONE.

    The question is how much is www.StemCellTherapy.TV worth? A Medical Internet TV station focused on Stem Cell Therapy, Genetic Medicine, Gene Therapy, Longevity Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine, Nano Medicine and stem cell therapy treatment, a site

    I don't know how much is a domain name worth when it has the specific keywords for a specific treatment that is going to revolutionize human medicine and quality of life - typically a Stem Cell Therapy Treatment costs right now around $30,000 in countries where they dont have prohibitive Genetic Ethics laws (like China, Bermuda, ASIA, Caribbean and many other places).

    The United States of America is next in line to become a Stem Cell Therapy country with Obama in office, as much as I don't like the mans policies, he is right on when it comes to opening up stem cell therapy.

    How do you put a value on a domain name that will be a $100 billion dollar medical business in the next 3 to 5 years?

    how much is a domain worth that could potentially extend the human quality of life span youthfully to 120 years, 150 years and beyond?

    What would the domain name be worth if you put a premium web site on this domain name and then advertised it on Google adwords, Bing Advertising and Yahoo advertising for the specific keywords Stem Cell Therapy and every variation of such keyword that are commonly searched?

    Imagine those ads had your phone number on them, imagine the web site had emblazoned over it, your phone number

    I don know, what do you think its worth? what's the highest your willing to pay for this Premium domain name that is going to revolutionize the human race, humanity, existence, longevity, medicine, human future evolution?

    I was thinking somewhere between $500 to $15,000 I would pay for this domain, but wanted to get ideas from other members.
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    Anyone? Anyone?
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    is there any body out there....
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