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    want to launch wimax

    i have the ability to get some bandwidth into an office and i want to shoot wimax.. any suggestions, pros and cons?

    im looking to see what type of hardware there is, how much it is, legalities and stuff like that... does it require fcc stuff or not?

    anyone experience it before?

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    important questions.

    point to point?
    distance? frequency? data throughput needed? how many users?

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    distance? i dont know about how far it goes and costs, i'd like a radius of at least 10 miles....

    i want to get a gigE ptp to my office then sell the service.

    unsure about the frequency, what it means with wimax.

    i'd like to sell up to a hundred megs, maybe gigabit.. users? i dont know, 10-50?

    i just want to get pricing to see if it's something i could go after and market.

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    A typical radius for Wimax will be around .5-1 mile for NON line of site for point to multi point. with line of site, it may be 8-13 miles using 3.65Ghz. look at alvarion BMAX, the cost for the equipment 4 sectors using 2nd order diversity will cost about 25k-30k. max throughput to each customer will be 6-8Mbps.
    look at alvarion VL, it is much cheaper and you can push speed up to 10-16Mbps. each sector will cost 4k, and they require basic configuration.

    A 1-4 gig ptp will cost about 25-50k on a "licensed" freq
    a 300meg Ptp will cost 4-6k "unlicensed" freq

    look at
    dragonwave for licensed
    alvarion for unlicened

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    as a note it also might required that you need a license to use wimax frequency, i'm not sure whether this is a standard but in certain countries it is required to get license first, and sometimes that is very difficult to get one, atleast in europe.

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