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    Review of HostPC - a brilliant DirectAdmin host


    Just wanted to share my short experience with HostPC.

    Website address:

    I was looking around every now and again for DirectAdmin hosts over the past few months, not in any rush but found myself unable to find many reputable providers. One host I came across time after time was HostPC. It would seem that they are (rightfully) regarded as the king of DirectAdmin hosting.

    First thoughts

    Their website doesn't look brilliant to be honest, but then again I also don't like those flashy "over the top" websites. No biggy of course, but it's important to note that their website design doesn't reflect on service.


    The pricing is brilliant, go and take a look at it on the homepage... there isn't much to it, just good value pricing for a brilliant service.


    Fast? Online? The usual for any good web host. The service is speedy and "just works". The DirectAdmin control panel I was looking for is brilliant and if you haven't already tried it you should give it a go with these guys.


    I had a couple of questions about the service when I first signed up (things like vanity nameservers for resellers). These were asked in live chat and the owner of the company got back to me within minutes.

    The other issue I had was with trying to disable magic quotes in PHP. This was a bit of a problem for me at first because (unknowingly) I had submitted the ticket against the wrong account (I have a reseller and normal account with them). So there was me saying magic quotes is enabled, but I wanted it disabled.. then there was them saying it was already disabled system wide. Eventually the person handling my ticket noticed I was referring to a different system than the one he was checking when I posted a link to phpinfo() showing magic quotes as being on. Once the confusion of systems was removed, magic quotes was quickly disabled for my account.


    10/10 - no problems at all, the service is great. I'd recommend anybody looking for a DirectAdmin host to give a go

    Moderators, you can check as being hosted with them (it's not obvious being on a reseller account). For a more obvious website being hosted with them PM me

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    Another 5* Review!

    That's a great review of them. Hopefully they can keep up with providing the same service in the near future!

    Kudos to Host PC!

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    Oh and another note - their reseller accounts are great. They do a good job of ensuring end users wouldn't know you're running with hostpc.

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    Reading these positive reviews of DirectAdmin hosts sure makes one trust them more, almost by default.

    For a more obvious website being hosted with them PM me
    You can send it to the moderating team using this form:

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    Not each web host can get 10/10 from the customers. They are in luck to have such great customer with them

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    Great review. We also use Direct Admin Its great because its the fastest and the most stable control panel. Its not as pretty as cPanel, but that is less important because only the webmaster can see the control panel

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    Glad, to see a host that is working for you. Your right there site is not even close to the standards nor is it 2.0
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