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    Simplywebhosting... any good?

    Hi all,

    I am looking at VPS hosting at simplywebhosting:

    The prices seem pretty cheap for a virtual dedicated server. Is this for real?

    Anyone have any input on this web hosting company?

    Thank you.

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    hi zetazone

    i use simplywebhosting from Sept 2002 and i recently got a VPS account from them

    Support is very good and they offer cheap VDS prices. I suggest u try them getting a small VDS account and if u r happy with them upgrade.

    good luck

    always chasing the west wind

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    I'm under the impression that SimplyWebHosting are run by, which also runs [or thereabouts].

    And so far as I can tell, there are no complaints about any on WHT.

    I've been looking at the reseller [Upipe], and I do like that they lay all their technical specifications for scrutiny. Maybe it's blah - but to me it reads as a tech orientated company who know exactly what they're doing.

    They also appear to have been in business for some time - which has to be good.

    I've been looking at Advantagecom and Nirmani, and just tested both by submitting a presales support question to gauge their care.

    Both replied very quickly and both appear very good, support-wise.

    I'm thinking that I'll probably end up with Nirmani, simply because of their immediate connectivity to Europe [Nirmani servers are in New Jersey, and Advantcom host from the West coast, USA]. But if I could open a second plan, with emphasis on the US and Asia, I'd certainly consider Advantagecom.

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