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    how many keywords sould be in titles?

    I've seen people asking this question.

    The title tag length should not exceed 60 characters. The 60 character limit for the Title Tag is because some search engines will only display a maximum of 60 characters of text for the Title in their search results. Keeping your Title Tag under 60 characters helps insure your Title makes sense in the search results. Be smart and make sure your Title is not chopped up.
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    I think it should be title tag or page title must be in between 35-60 characters in the total length. In other words, keep it should be around 6-10 words per web page. Also the keyword that you choose to use in your Title tag should also be present in the body of your website.
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    U can give 75 chars in ur title tag according that u can take ur keywords.

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    I try to keep mine shorter only using 25 words is good, 20 words is better. There is alot more information you will be able to find if you do a simple Google Search.
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    Your title tag is the key to your serp's. I build links and am constantly changing the make up every six to twelve months. Keep your primary key words to the front and the rest for secondary key words in long tail searches. Once I get the words I want I bleed them into the content or add them to a child page and start with deep linking.

    Some of my titles start off a lot longer than they should be and this is risky. Google, if I am not mistaken warns against key word stuffing. But this is another area where there is little or no clarity. Even though it has not happened to me personally, be aware that the longer you make it the higher the risk is of getting clobbered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The-Pixel View Post
    I try to keep mine shorter only using 25 words is good, 20 words is better. There is alot more information you will be able to find if you do a simple Google Search.
    Agreed, I'm also keep my site titles less than 20 words.

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    how many keywords sould be in titles? - 2-3 keywords

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    yes, title should be in between 35-60 characters and the same keyword shouldn't be repeated more than 2 times. Yes, 2-3 keywords will be quite enough.

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    There is no should about it. all depends. No hard and fast rules. Just guidelines. Everything is conjecture and dictated by personal preference.

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