This is a great site that is already bringing in some excellent traffic. The site sells the forex tracer automated forex robot software. It pays about $85 per sale to affiliates. It uses ClickBank

The site
The site contains a few pages. The main page is a sales page. I copied the page from the forex tracer website but altered the text so it is unique. I also made a few inner pages that target small keyphrases. Here is an example: Best Forex Robots..Also, domain is registered at GoDaddy and good until 8/2010

Traffic comes from a variety of places. Most right now is coming from viral marketing, social bookmarks, and articles. I submitted all pages of the site to about 30 different dofollow social bookmarks. Also, a number of articles were submitted for the site. A sample article can be found Here and Here. Also, I have done some marketing by putting up videos promoting the site on YouTube, DailyMotion, and Myspace. As of right now this site has traffic coming in from a combination of videos, blog posts, articles, and social bookmarks.

Although the site has not made an revenue yet, it is well on it's way. As I said, the payout is roughly $85 per sale through ClickBank.

Moving the site from my host to yours is very simple. Just put the files up, and edit the links on the main page from my clickbank code to yours.

BIN: $45