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    Thanks for sharing this list.

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    Round and round, anything goes as long as there is a link in it.

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    nice sharing dost thanks a lot

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    Nice links. Thanks for sharing with all.
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    You should also think about nailing one foot to the floor and running as fast as you possibly can.

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    I value each and every resource from where i can get a backlink as long as it has a good reputation. By the way, thanx for sharing this info and were it you who posted the same in v7n and namepros????????/

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    What I find difficult to swallow is that these sort of posts contribute nothing. Why do we encourage this sort of spam? Why do we not rather look after and grow the resources we use? Why do we not ensure that users understand the impact their actions have and the long term effects of what they do.

    Blog commenting is a curse. It is an unwelcome intrusion. And this is wrong. Period.

    Quote Originally Posted by Adnan Khan View Post
    ..... were it you who posted the same in v7n and namepros????????/
    You can bet your bottom dollar it was. Its link spam and the content is virtually guaranteed to be dated and more often than not a waste of time.

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    I agree with rainchild most of them are free blog software, I don't think why the OP is making such useless post.

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