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    Question about AVG free antivirus....

    I have question I'm unsure of even after trying to lookup the answer. If somebody here can clear it up for me it'd be much appreciated.

    I just did scan with AVG and it found a lot of "bad stuff". Here is a screenshot below... excuse the stupid question I'm about to ask but am I supposed to click "Remove Selected Infections" or "Remove All Unhealed Infections" after every scan it does in order to remove the "bad stuff" it found on my computer... or do I NOT have to do that at all and I can simply "Close Results" and it will remove and/or quarantine the "bad stuff" it found automatically?

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    Those appear to be cookies, not necessarily "infections". I'm not using AVG any longer, but I believe you'd have to either tell it to remove automatically (paid only?) or manually intervene each time. From the looks of what it's found, you might consider manually doing so. Cookies are generally unharmful.
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    I believe it will automatically try and heal/remove "infections" that screen your seeing is just "warnings" which is basically a whole list of tracking cookies.

    You can remove them or not, but if it finds actual virus's it will try and heal them and then notify you if it can't and you'll have to choose to remove it.

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    Thanks for the response. So viruses are automatically removed but these other cookies it finds... I must manually remove them. So I guess to remove them from my computer completely I must select all items in that list and then click "Remove Selected Infections".... and if I don't do that it will NOT be removed from my computer. Then it simply found the cookies but won't remove them automatically unless I tell it to do so.

    I hope I understood correctly

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    Check under settings, un-check scan for tracking cookies. There is really no reason to scan for tracking cookies for the most part.
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    ChrisTech is true. you just uncheck Scan for Tracking Cookies. By the way, in my opinion, AVG have many false positive alarm. But if you like free antivirus, AVG or Avast is your choice..

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    Try avast instead. Currently I am using it on my two desktops and one laptop... and its working just fine.

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    yeah I still recommend avast the free one if your running windows.
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