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    sharing files over the network?

    I am a "noob" at this whole networking devices together thing, but i do work tech support for at&t so i kinda have an understanding and i am able to pick up on things pretty easy.

    First of lemme start by saying THANK YOU loads in advance for any support anyone may be able to offer.

    As of right now i have recently upgraded to a new desktop computer, I have an old Windows 2000 Dell machine that is now sitting there going to waste. I have heard from many people that the best use for that machine would be a server. I am not familiar with the exact workings of a server, but what i have been lead to believe is that i would be able to connect external USB devices, printers, ect. to the desktop and that i would be about to access/edit/add/view/whatever i wanted to do to those files from any other computer on my network. What i am also looking to do is connect this potential server to my new TV to so i would be able to watch movies or play music through my surround sound system and TV
    I suppose the best thing to do now is to give you a rundown of my current network devices and how i currently have everything connected...

    First I am using a speedstream DSL router with AT&T DSL service.
    Second that is connected to my Netgear Wireless N Router Model Number WNR3500
    Connected via Ethernet cable to that router currently is my NEW desktop computer (running windows VISTA).
    ^^^^^^^^all of that is in my office^^^^^^^^^^^
    Next, I have a print server model number wgps606 which is connected in my living room. I have an IP based cable service and need it connected to the Web
    This is where i would also like to put the OLD dell computer (running windows 2000).
    ^^^^^^^^This is my living room^^^^^^^^
    LASTLY! I have a laptop computer (running windows XP) that is in my bedroom that i would also like to be able to access these files from.

    to sum everything up, and put it in th simplest terms, or what i believe to be the simplest. I would like to be able to access my external hard drives that are connected to my dell machine from any other machine i have connected in the house. while possibly keeping my dell machine plugged into the print server.

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    This post doesn't belong here, but rather in the "Web Hosting Lounge".

    To the OP, I think you would get more answers from a PC Tech website such as or
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    Thank you for that reply and some sort of a direction on where to start. I will take your advice and try out the two websites you mentioned!

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