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    Is your server secure? Are you sure?

    Fact: In 2001, the Code Red and Nimda worms compromised more than 250,000 servers, causing billions of dollars of damage.

    Fact: In April of this year, crackers broke into the California state personnel database and stole financial information on all 265,000 state workers.

    If you've got a server connected to the Internet, you need to be sure that it's secure. Maximus Security can scan your servers for every known vulnerabiltiy and tell you how to patch them.

    Don't become another statistic. Take action to secure your servers and valuable data from hackers, crackers, worms and script kiddies by making sure they can't get in.

    For a limited time, Maximus Security will perform an introductory, no-obligation trial scan on up to four public IP addresses and provide you with a list of critical vulnerabilities and patches.

    For a complete list of Maximus Security's services, please visit our site at

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    Is that a FREE trial service? All I could find was a link to pay $150 for that.
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    Hmm , I see it says "For a low-cost, introductory trial of our MaxWatch Internet Threat Assessor" so appears to be a fee and not free

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    one thing to be watchful for is many people will secure a server, then forget about it. things change rapidly, and you have to constantly make sure that the server is kept up to date. don't think that because your server is secure today, that it'll stay that way tomorrow. i'm not trying to support these guys, but just want everyone to be aware that this is a common mistake made by many people.

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    Re: Is your server secure? Are you sure?

    Originally posted by lalexander
    Maximus Security can scan your servers for every known vulnerabiltiy and tell you how to patch them.

    If you want to sell security services, by all means go for it. But stop claiming the impossible.

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