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    Download Server VPS Option?

    Hello everyone,

    What i am after is simple. I currently have an unlimited* (*sigh) account with which has been very good to me for 4+ years. However my requirements have now changed and hosting larger files is against the policy of the webhost .

    I need a solution which can allow me to host files which are between 100mb and 500mb. This is for a backup solution (700mb-1gb backup nightly) and a map download site for a gameserver. Webhosting will be very limited.

    Total Bandwidth: Backup 40gb / month
    Gameserver Files 75gb/ month

    Nothing special as you can see but i believe there are cheap VPS' at 5/month? These would be ideal if they are suitable. Can anyone reccomend a cheap VPS host? Im still going to use streamline as my basic webhosting but downgrade my account to a very small package for my personal web use and use the VPS as the fileserver.

    The thing is on streamline i had download speeds of 1.3mb/sec (my maximum) all the time and im looking for somthing which can give good download speeds.

    Any surggestions?


    I have found a company .html has anyone heared of them or used them? They seem to have a low end VPS package at 49.99 yearly with enough space and bandwidth. The total drive speace needed is only about 6gb and their basic provides 10gb and gives more than enough bandwidth.

    Or annother alternative: valuevps which give the same but slightly less bandwidth but do state higher download speeds. But do offer the installation of free control pannels to help reduce cost.
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    No one is going to be able to tell you with 100% confidence what your download speeds will be or if they will stay consistent over time. You'll have to do some download tests from any host you are considering.

    Never heard of, have you searched for reviews?

    You can more then likely find a $10 VPS that offers 10gb disk/150GB transfer in the offers section.

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    You will easily find a VPS to suit your needs.
    Bare in mind that speeds change depending on location.
    We have Gig uplinks to servers yet depending on your location and ISP you may get under a meg as with all hosts.
    Pick your hosts location close to where you are, or your clients.
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    Most hosts should be able to give you a test file to download. We have one that we keep on a fully populated node just to give a more 'real' indication of the speeds you are likely to get.
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