Welcome to Mail Strainer - Premium BULK MX-Based Spam and Virus Filtering for webmasters and service providers!

No custom hardware or changes to your servers are required. Just point your MX records to our filters and you're all set.

MailStrainer blocks up to 99.9% of SPAM and malware from entering your organization’s network with less than 0.05% in false positives. These are actual statistics mined from years of use on existing web hosting farms.

Our pricing is much cheaper than any other commercial solution. We are also offering a FREE 1-month trial of our services. We are confident that after trying our service you won't want to give it up!

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Features of Mail Strainer SPAM Filtering

Mail Strainer Quarantine

* Server administrator or end users can manage mail queues either per-account or via a domain wide SuperUser queue.
* Recipient verification scans mail only for valid users and automatically rejects mail for invalid users on your webservers.
* Regular email digests of spam queue with clickable ‘release’ or ‘resend’ links — users NEVER have to log into a web interface to rescue/confirm mail if they don’t want to.
* Re-send mail to your inbox you either missed or accidentally deleted — both SPAM and non-SPAM are saved in quarantine and can be released or resent for up to one week.
* Secure SSL encrypted web access for added security
* Brandable web interface URL (for example, http://filter.yourdomain.com/)
* Also functions as a Backup MX. Mail is held even if your server is offline and delivered to you when your server comes back online.

Mail Strainer Filtering Engine:

* No custom configuration needed on your servers – only change your DNS records to our Mail Strainer MX servers. Mail Strainer works silently between the internet and your current email servers.
* Reduce server load and memory usage significantly — only clean, filtered mail reaches your network.
* Bayesian filters learn from your SPAM and non-SPAM to help reduce false positives and negatives based on your unique mail flow.
* Over 2500 SPAM scoring rules, updated twice daily.
* Over 10 score-based RBLs (realtime block lists) reduces false positives - no mail can be blocked based on a single RBL listing.
* Advanced Policy engine stops dictionary attacks and all other types of email DOS attacks.
* Botnet tracking blocks SPAM and VIRUS attacks from known botnets.
* Virus definitions updated hourly.
* Confirmed SPAM automatically reported to Razor, Pyzor, and SpamCop.
* Scalable cloud-type filtering infrastructure can seamlessly adapt to any mail load.

Please Visit our Site for more information and free trial registration!