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    Panenthe ( VPS Control Panel - HyperVM Alternative ) 1.03 - Free 14 Day Trial

    Panenthe is a web based application that will allow you to create and manage different virtual machines based on different technologies across multiple machines and platforms. The features provided will allow you to control your whole VPS Hosting from one central location.

    1.03 Change Log -
    - Added Debian Support
    - Email addresses are no longer hidden in the staff manager.
    - Slave node template folders are now linked correctly every time.
    - Root password changing is now support on all VM distros.
    - PanentheVM image updated with correct set of OS templates.
    - PanentheVM updated with correct hostname IP address.
    - Disk quota is now set properly on all VM's.
    - Byte values of VM creations are now correct in emails and confirmation page.
    - Memory pages are now set correctly for VM's based on OpenVZ standards.
    - PanentheVM hostname can now be changed from the server manager. To allow welcome emails to be sent.
    - Installer now has full Debian support.
    - Installer has logging enabled by default, this enables retrieval of all generated information.
    - Installer has upgraded password generation.
    - Installer MySQL setup for the PanentheVM has been improved.
    - Installer correctly returns disk quota value.
    - Installer now ignores the fact that the Equifax root certificate is not on certain Debian installs.
    - Support for later Debian nodes is fully functional.
    - Changing VM limits now functions correctly with set byte values.
    - VM's are no longer added to the database if creation fails.
    - Removing servers now cascade deletes VM's associated to the server.
    - Server name is now shown in VM listings.
    - Server keys are not broken by adding extra slave nodes.

    Staff Demo:
    Username: demo
    Password: demo

    Main Features:

    OpenVZ Drivers implementation
    Admin Login
    Client Login
    Assign Multiple Users to VPS
    IP Pools/Ip addresses
    Add Server/Add Resource Packages
    User Manager/Staff Manager
    Assign VPS to Multiple Users
    Add Templates/Delete Templates
    Server Clustering ( Manage VPS in one location )
    ALOT & ALOT MORE, check our website/demo

    Current WIP:
    HyperVM Migrator
    API Module

    Signup for a 14 day trial today!

    ( read this before signing up, )

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    tried for a week, so far so good

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    When will windows support be added?

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    We are working on the API, and the HyperVM Migrator now. Xen comes after, I am expecting about a month or two, inbetween.

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    Looks nice, great work
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    Thanks, keep the feedbacks coming

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    Yeah, Tom, I was helping you test it, I really liked it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wulex View Post
    Yeah, Tom, I was helping you test it, I really liked it
    Thank you

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