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Hey all,

We are proud to announce Pardiowars RC1 - Over 2 years of solid testing, upgrades etc we have released a stable version of Pardiowars.

What's new?

The majority of the game is now UN-ENCODED due to mass request.
6 New skills - Attack, Strength, Defence, Woodcutting, Fishing, Crafting. With many more to come
Towns, missions, bounties, treasure search, blacksmith, NPCs, and MUCH MUCH MORE

Today the game is over 5 times bigger with more to do than we have ever had before. However, we wont stop there! We have already been around 2 years and see no reason to stop developing now!

Enough reading! - DEMO

Full demo :
Live demo :
Full features : Click here

Owned license + 12 months updates and support : $89.95

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