Hi. I am looking at buying a R200 quad core processor, 4gb ram with a Raid 1 config (either 250gb sata drives or 146gb sas drives). We run a few websites for clients on a reseller account at moment (couple forums, some basic online shops, general product info sites, photo galleries, pop/smtp/web e-mail) but want some more flexibility with own server in a colo. Want to use this with something like VMWare Server to host 2 vps's (win 2008 webserver machine and a cent os 5.3 machine, prob use cpanel on the cent os machine and may end up getting plesk for windows machine). Planned to use 1.5gb ram on each guest os and leave 1gb for the host os. I would prefer the host os to be windows for familiarity. Just wandering on the host os could I use something like windows xp 64bit to save on having to buy 2 windows 2008 licences or would it affect performance/security? Or could I buy one win 2008 licence for the host os and be allowed to use same licence as the vps guest os as well?
i know the current sites/online users would run fine on either of these vps. however could someone make some estimates based on above spec how many online active users each vps could handle so i can see how much room for expansion. i.e. suggest aprox numbers of online active phpbb users, active web browsing users, active users sending e-mails etc could handle all at same time.
Also if server would handle significantly more users without virtualisation i.e. a straight 4gb server running plesk on windows 2008 could you give me some ideas of the extra active phpbb users, active web users, active users sending e-mails i would get.