Shelburne, Nova Scotia - September 1st, 2009 - EIRCA Ltd, the multi-platform managed web hosting service provider, has announced that Callum Donaghie has been appointed temporary CEO of the company as a result of a Toronto based private investment group purchasing fourty nine percent of the company.

Current CEO, Simon O'Rourke, will return to his position as CEO on January 4th, 2010 after taking extended leave from the company.

"The sale of 49% of the company is a measured step for EIRCA to establish the company as a major player in the shared and dedicated server markets," commented O'Rourke. "The company has been something of a victim of its own success and in order to re-establish ourselves at the top of the SMB sector, we decided to accept the sizeable offer made by our new partners and re-invest heavily in to the company's future."

With the current activity at the company, Mark Scheaffer has been appointed permanent president of EIRCA Ltd after heading the project of investing in the company, commenting that "our investment in EIRCA at the start of '09 was something we were desperate to make official after seeing how well the company was operated and how much potential for growth the company has. We acknowledge that our clients will see this as potentially disruptive but it could not be any more the opposite."

"EIRCA will still be primarily owned by Mr. O'Rourke and Mr. O'Rourke will still have complete control over the general direction of the company upon his return in January," stated Scheaffer. "Simon has appointed his long time colleague, Mr. Donaghie, as acting CEO until he returns to the company after spending time with his pregnant wife, who is expecting identical twin girls in five weeks and we want to make it abundantly clear that no changes will be made at datacenter or hardware level. We will continue to be partnered with Softlayer Technologies and continue to offer Parallels products."

As a result of Scheaffer's appointment, EIRCA has parted ways with three support staff members and a new team of nine support staff, including four MCSE's (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers) has been introduced effective September 2nd, 2009.

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