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    Hosting for a Financial Advisor firm? Special needs? Compliance? Need some advice one

    Need to move a Financial Advisor's site to a new web host. Normal sites - no problem. This one though needs an archival service similar to there current host (, who "[offers] a unique archiving service which allows us to show the SEC what the website looked like on any given day in the past. Most larger brokerage firms use some sort of an archiving service." is also in PDF format as well as HTML.

    ...not familiar with saving an archive of an entire site in PDF format. Anyone know of this?

    Also, does anyone know of any special complience needs a financial advisor site would have to abide by. I know CAN-SPAM is essential, but I'm not sure of any other.


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    Best bet is to get a VPS with some sort of backup system which archives your site on a daily basis.

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    Or, for archival purpose, just create a script to copy over the entire site to a new directory and run that script daily through cron.

    The daily created directory can be in the form mmddyyyy.

    But do consider the disk space it is going to consume soon.
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    A webhoster that uses R1soft or alike can also assist you in this. They can make daily or hourly snapshots of your entire website easily, and keep it safe for as long as needed.

    I know Cartika Hosting uses it and so do plenty more. Google for 'continuous data protection hosting', that should lead you somewhere in the right direction.

    good luck in your search!
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    Just curious ... why are you moving the site from the current provider? Just figured that knowing what you didn't like about them may help folks out when they start recommending hosts to you.
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    I agree with the VPS recommendations. Have a managed VPS solution and I suppose that the web hosting company will be able to help you with the archiving and other stuff

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