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    * 90% Off - Virtual Servers in the Cloud! High Availability Hosting!

    Dear WHT,

    To celebrate the launch of our virtual dedicated servers in the cloud, we're offering a massive 90% off your first invoice. This is a WHT only deal and is not listed on our web site. Offer expires 30 September 09.

    To take advantage of the offer, use the following promo code at checkout: CLOUD-0909

    Visit to watch our introductory video to our cloud hosting services and read more details!

    Regular VPS vs Cloud Server?

    With a regular VPS, your virtual server is a slice of a single physical server. Should that server experience a failure, your environment will go down until the server is replaced or repaired.

    With a Cloud Server from Kualo, your data exists on the Global Volume Store, spread across a grid of servers. Should any server in the grid experience a failure, any virtual servers using resources on that node are brought back up on available resources elsewhere in the cloud. Best of all, this happens automatically, without any human intervention, in around 3-5 minutes.

    Furthermore, due to advanced caching and network access algorithms, the GVS volumes on which your files are stored, are generally 10-15% faster than local physical disks. You'll get fantastic performance compared to the vast majority of VPS and dedicated servers.


    A single environment can be expanded to over 7GHz CPU, 15GB RAM and 800GB redundant disk space.

    For customers with very high traffic sites or requirements, environments can be easily scaled to multiple Cloud Servers. Read below...

    Taking things further...

    Have a very high traffic site, or require a higher level of redundancy? No problem!

    We can design and build complex distributed hosting infrastructures that would once have taken weeks, in just a matter of hours. Environments with multiple load balanced web servers, replicated database servers, firewalls and more, can all be tested, monitored and perfected in the cloud, at a fraction of the cost of doing so with physical hardware.

    Get in touch and we can design a custom solution to meet your requirements:

    Network Speed Test Files:

    10 Meg:
    100 Meg:

    Level3, Global Crossing, FPL Fibernet, Bright House Networks.

    Data Center Tour:

    Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Best wishes,

    Jo Stonehouse
    Jo Stonehouse -
    Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud VPS & Dedicated Servers
    UK: 0800 138 3235 ❘ USA: 1-800-995-8256

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    We know these folks very well. They are the real deal and do absolutely excellent work. Good luck guys!
    E Solutions by WOW! Business
    Collocation, DR, VMWare Hosting in our Data Centers
    SSAE-16 Type II Certified with locations in Tampa, FL and Columbus, OH
    Call Now! 813-301-2600

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