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    some probs with cPanel

    my friend is using cPanel, I know its supposed to be the most easiest control panels available
    there are few probs he is facing,

    he is using cPanel vps optimized version 2

    his host had given him scanner inside the cpanel so that he can scan when ever he wants, some times it works fine, on the other occasions it stops before scan, shows as connecting to clamv service but doesn't process,
    then he is forced to send an ticket to the host and they restart service, after tht it works fine and again after few days the same prob occurs, no idea why this is happening ?

    the other problem is, when he uses cpanel to upload files, it shows the file is being uploaded, it gives ETA and 100% complete (I tested it too), but the file isn't been copied/uploaded to the directory, after around 2 to 3 upload attempts only the file is found to be in the directory, not sure why this is happening too

    can any one give suggestions or help out in solving the problem

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    Sometimes an over-crowded hardware node can cause such issues. Anyways would be worth checking in detail your clamav installation. Time for another ticket to your host
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    For FTP it can also be connection problem. For clamav i agree that it can be overcrowded hardware node

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    I had this kind of issues in earlier. I know it should relate to memory shortage in the Virtual Private Server.
    chk your memory status. The memory intensive services, such as, clamd, drweb, goes down when memory shortage happens.
    Contact your vps provider and ask why it happens often.

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