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    Music Related Software & Services.

    My main market is the music industry and I'm looking for any kind of music related software, services or ideas that would help me better service my clients in this market.

    Anyone know of anything or have any ideas?

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    software, its pretty much covered by the big boys, with media player/winamp etc..

    as for services, how about streaming radio feeds?
    maybe VOD clips / interviews with bands ? - Managed Hosting Solutions 2004 - 2016

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    I don't know that this is really hosting related - what is it that you are trying to do? Maybe if you can be a bit more specific you will get better answers.
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    I believe OP is looking for software or services that he can offer to expand his product portfolio?

    What about Shoutcast servers?

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    That's a cool niche you got there.

    Do you have all the common streaming software installed?
    What about that video to flash plugin? That could come in handy for some music people.

    Or how about offering 'custom made' music websites for bands and artists? I am willing to bet there is a big market for these types of websites.

    You could also offer a band marketing package along with your hosting plans. You could set them up web 2.0 profiles on all the popular music sites - I know there are some really popular web 2.0 sites dedicated just to music and bands. That service along you could charge big money for if you can provide results.
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    Do the application serach there. They both considered good sorces for the related searches.

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    I have all the common software for video streaming shoutcast hosting, blog scripts are huge for our market. we have designers that do alot of designs for our clients.
    artist interviews and such are great ideas but that is something our clients tend to do with there sites.
    We already offer an artist management package as well..
    This post was to see if anyone might know some things that I might not have already known about. I've looked on hotscripts as well.. there are alot of scripts on there... will look some more though..
    Thank you guys for your feed back.. and if anyone finds anything that might benefit my clients in this type of market.. please let me know.
    Thank you.

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    Well if you want Web Software for Music I know three:
    1) kPlayList
    2) PodCast Generator
    3) Impleo

    They are cool stuff to play with for music on the go for the web.
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    I assume you need to work on the music software first on the some related forums and then you will do the search according to that
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