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Thread: Quick questions

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    Quick questions

    1. What is the difference between the procurve 5412zl and 8212zl? And how strong is the 5412zl/5406zl relative to Cisco 3560/3750 used as Core switches?

    2. Can anyone recommend a good VPN gateway for EC2 VPC connections back to my own network?

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    Never had much to do with equipment other than Cisco so I can only really comment on the 3750 range.

    Its a great layer 3 switch but from what I have seen the hp range your talking about does look to be a lot more core based switching that I would assume has better performance. Just look at the form factor for a start
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    The fabric speed of the 8212zl is about double the 5412zl. It supports four times as many 10 GE ports. We use a 5304xl as a core switch and I really like it. It's very well made and has never had an issue. We use all ProCurve switching in top of the rack too, so I can't say much for Cisco compatibility or comparison. The modules are compatible across the "zl" line.

    Based off my limited knowledge of 3560/3750s, I don't really think you're comparing apples to apples. The ProCurves you mentioned are modular switches, the Ciscos are pizza boxes.

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