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    Shoutout to Limestone Networks!

    Hey guys!

    I just wanted you all to know I have had 3 servers from LSN over a 5 month period, and while the business plan fell though, they never did!

    Thier servers are FAST, FAST, FAST! I recommend getting the 100mbps port upgrade. They also have great uptimes.

    Keep up the great work! Thanks guys!

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    You had? And now? have you refused to use their servers or what?

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    He's business plan fell though other words he quit but is just giving he's review on the services

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    I would use them. I am not currently using them since the business that I planned to use the server for fell though. The FDA shut it down hard.

    If you care google ecigs.

    But I would recommend, use again, and prefer. You might also see that I have a superb server. I keep that since they have done so well with it, but LSN has a better deal IMHO.

    But SuperB has a solid deal as well. I just think LSN is faster and has a good deal for upgrade to 100mbps.

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    wow so many awesome reviews for LSN.
    they truely are the best (:

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    Thanks for the kind words, temperne. Your satisfaction is our top priority so we are always pleased to hear from a satisfied client.
    Kyle Haynes - Limestone Networks - Director of Sales & Marketing
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