We are looking for a sales representative (1) and sales manager (1). Both are M-F 9AM to 5PM jobs. They are based on 10% reoccurring commission on all sales, 15% on sales $15 onwards.

Sales representative will be led by manager and both position include mandatory English (fluent) and grammar. The times listed above are in EST. Ideal candidates based in the US/UK/Canada.

We accept applications from any age, but we are (and I enforce this) looking for a long term positions - so if you're planning to quit after a month - please don't apply (just for our sake ).

All reps and managers must be able to be on phone/computer-type-app (like Skype) during their shift, as well as a dedicated IM (ie: in the company name). They are required to be online the full time of the shift (Monday-Friday 9AM to 5PM EST).

Base salary for the representative is $200/month and base salary for the sales manager is $350 a month and we are looking to hire only 2, 1 for each. Commission is included. This job is low ticket/low calls so you can relax on shift - hence the low starting shift salary. We require a week period of watching before any pay is sent - contracts can be signed if needed. Again, the pay is starting pay and includes 10-15% commission per sale (added onto base pay). This is an excellent job for an online person on the computer who needs some extra cash.

To apply, please e-mail me at [email protected] .