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    These Prices .. Available ?

    Hello all

    Based on this topic

    Are there any companies that provide servers vps ( Linux VPS ) At these prices per month

    3$ Monthly or 4$ Monthly ? Server to learn and experience and management training only, and the application

    If present and available when you wish I knew some

    Or the nearest price for this I know you write also .. If available


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    You could try who do a $2.99 VPS, also look in the "VPS Offers" forum you might find some more.
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    You can try the FIND A HOST option, however to be honest i'd increase the budget
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    Most VPS at that price are unmanaged. Might need to raise it a bit if you want it managed, but I am sure many web hosts will tell you how to go about configuring your VPS.

    And I agree, has some of the lowest offers.
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    I need it unmanaged .. Learning, training and experience and not to host sites or to create a commercial
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    You could try some cloud/utility hosting providers who bill for server usage by the hour. This means that you can play with your VPS for an hour or two a day, when you're done, turn it off and you only get billed for the time you've used.
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    that is pretty cheap for a good VPS. Unmanaged is cheaper yeah,

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    Quote Originally Posted by RavC View Post
    You could try who do a $2.99 VPS, .
    Have you used them?

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    If you are just doing it for learning have you thought about running a free vm on your computer that you could turn on and off as you wish?
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    Thank you all who responded to this topic ..

    Thank you for the idea that I use my PC, but appeared in my mind, but wished the best server

    Now I'm thinking seriously in

    Rate previously reported soon .. With less plan to have servers vps ... 2.99 $.

    And also waiting for any further views.Greetings

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    You can check the offers section, try the find a host, or try these sites: or

    Good luck!
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    IGSobe has some good offers along with an 80% off the first month, that is what you might be looking for. =P OFF80 is the coupon code.

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    I think you would be able to get a better vps account if your budget was a bit higher.

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    Someone will do it, but don't expect anything decent at that price
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    Thank you to all of the themes of honor .. And an ongoing search for companies that meet the purpose

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    Well there's this for 0.99p GBP:

    You'll have a really hard time doing anything with it - at all. But it more than fit's the bill.


    on another note:

    depending on what you want to learn, however, a linux shell account might fit your needs - no root, but you can still do (and learn) alot.
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    If any company, but do not handle the visa system

    Waiting for the opinions of other companies

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    No One ????

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