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    Why mkdir() function not working

    Hello Dear Friend,

    here i get that error

    Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: No such file or directory in /hermes/web08/b1256/moo.faridaed/common/common.php on line 389
    and here is the common.php code

    // create writable directory or change the chmod permission of chosen directory
    function check_dir($dir) {
    	if (!file_exists($dir)) {
    		 if (mkdir($dir, 0777))// create images dir
    			$done = true;
    	} else if (!is_writeable($dir)) {
    		if (chmod($dir, 0777)) // change perm. setting
    			$done = true;
    	} else
    		$done = true;
    	return $done;
    it should create a file where an images will goes
    at following path products/images/
    i've giveen /products/ and /images/ CHMOOD 777
    and still getting the error :chomp:

    thanks so much for helping me

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    thanks you7 guys, it has been solved

    yes i don't know WHY ?? but as soon as i changed the Database with new one , it did works so this mean that the error was due to the database cause it should create a dir that has the same ID of the product i've added

    hence it turn to be that i made an error in writting the database tables

    thanks for you all for support

    thread to be closed

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