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    Question Advice needed - what should I do?

    I run a small hosting/design business with around 200 clients. We currently have a dedicated server with a company that provides a great control panel (their own one; custom-written), but their machines are pretty slow and their customer support is poor.

    I would like to move to another host who I've used in the past for personal projects - they have good machines and excellent support. But they don't provide a control panel as standard.

    The current host's control panel is in three parts:

    - My master panel where I can create new accounts and oversee everything;
    - The resellers' panel where they can create new accounts within their account; and
    - The end users' panel where they can create/modify e-mail addresses, install frontpage, install cgi-scripts, use mysql, look at their stats... those sorts of things.

    The last two (the ones that can be seen by my clients) are fully customisable so they blend into the rest of my site.

    I'm looking for a new system that I can install on a new server with my new host. It definitely needs to have all the things above, and it would be good if it also had:

    - An online ordering system / auto-account creation
    - A billing system to manage monthly renewals

    Is this possible? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Thanks in advance.


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    That's going to be tricky because it sounds like its proprietary software. *Most* of the hosts on this board us cPanel, Ensim, H-Sphere or Plesk - which aren't really customizable as much as your's sounds. You may be stuck with developing your own software or trying to license or buy your hosts' software.


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    That is completely wrong, cPanel can be customized to blend into your site. However, it isn't the easiest to do, it can be done.
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    Thanks. Can cPanel do all the things I listed? I had a look at the site but couldn't find many details.

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    Cpanel can't do all that out of the box, but there are other software u can get to do the billing, auto stuff, etc. that go with it.

    It does have account templates so you can set up each order's options with just a drop-down (except for some of the reseller options).
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    hmmmmm...I did not know that.

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    What is good for the billing side?

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    ModernBill is a well recommended one.

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    If you're using cpanel, the try for the billing and signup/creation needs.
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