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    Question Warning that RAQ550 is running hot!??


    since a few days, I get from time to time some messages from the Active Monitor like:
    * One or more system components is running hotter than normal. Please check that the system has adequate ventilation and that all fans are operating correctly.

    When I check the controlpanel, the temperature varies from 49 degrees C till 54 degrees. The datacenter where the dedicated server is located says I do not have to worry.

    What can go wrong and should I be worried about the temperature like it is now?

    Thanks for any reply in advance

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    too hot?

    We have several RAQ's and although we do not have any heat problems, I have noticed at times the heat getting up there. Do you know what the temp in the datacenter is around your equipment?

    If the temp outside your cab is over 75 or so I would complain. Part of what you pay for being in a datacenter is the cooling...


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    Have they checked all fans to ensure proper operation?

    Also you might be spiking the temp due to higher CPU utilization. If you errors are coming around 4am, that's when all the magic cron jobs run to parse the logs, etc. CPU usage can go way up then...

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