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    Unhappy Netrillium to Axishost: BIG MESS!

    I own 3 domains which I originally got through Netrillium. I was notified by email that they were switching to Axishost. It slipped my mind that my domains expired this aug/sept until i went to login to my cpanel and it did not work.

    The letter from netrillium about the switch stated that I would not need to update or change any info but my logins do NOT work on the axishost site. Axishost also never sent me a email reminding me my domain were about to expire. They have no phone number and their support team takes a really long time to reply tickets. I would like to transfer my domains hopefully they either give me my login and password to manage them or my epp codes for each domain so i can transfer. I like netrillium but now that they have switched they hiked up the prices and I dont feel i should have to pay 11.99 when I can pay 6.99 else where.

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    eNom, which we are an affiliate of, always sends out renewal reminders. The problem is most likely that your ISP filtered them out as spam.

    We do have a phone number, for dedicated server customers.

    I show you put in a ticket on August 30th and were replied to 13 mins later. I show you updated that ticket 31st and were replied to about 10 hours later with a link to solve your issue. You replied 8 hours later asking for EPP codes...our tech replied 29 mins later asking for information to help us track down these domains for you. Keep in mind that if we don't have your information or your domains on file, it means we never got that information from Netrillium.

    As unfortunate as that type of situation may be, we simply don't have a crystal ball that can give us information that we were never given.

    Keep working with Josh and he'll help you get this sorted out.

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    Im really unhappy with this service right now and feel it is a big scam and ripoff. Enom did not notify me that my domains were going to expire I check my spam daily. In fact now, all the sudden I recieve a final notice from Axishost that my 3rd domain will expire on the 4th. This did NOT come in a spam folder so if all the emails are sent from the same place there is NO reason i shouldnt have gotten emails about the other two domains that did expire.

    I dont feel its right that you switch companies hike up your prices dont notify customers that their domains are going to expire and leave us stuck paying EXTRA for something we dont really want to use.

    Now Im stuck with a non functional site and no way to resolve the issue in a timely manner its already been a few days and still no resolution. I shouldnt have to wait DAYS to get a solution.

    I requested my epp keys only recieved ONE and it actually wasnt the one i requested FIRST...

    I really dont know what to say...

    All i want to know is WHY I cant repurchase OR transfer the 3 domains I have with another company and why Im being forced to pay you guys again to use domains that expire. I thought oncce they expire I dont own them any more..This whole mess is confusing.

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    1. You were sent renewal notices. Where they went? No clue. Make sure your contact info is up to date on your WHOIS.

    2. We didn't hike up prices. Netrillium actually raised their pricing right before we took over and we LOWERED our pricing to match theirs.

    3. Its a quick fix. Renew your domains before they go into redemption and you'll be live again in about an hour or so.

    4. You can't transfer expired domains. Its not our rule. That's just the way it works. As soon as you renew them with us for $10.99 (pre redemption) you can look at transferring them to whatever registrar you wish.

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    I only recieved a renewal email for ONE domain...the one that expires on sept 4th Im obviously stuck renewing with you guys if I want to use my domains so i have no other choice to.

    Its is possible you said so yourself that the emails were not sent. Who evers fault it is I am now paying the price for it & I shouldnt have to.

    You guys should have a phone number because the support ticket responses take forever. Im still waiting on the answer to my question. if I have to renew each domain or can i pay the renew price for all 3 at once.

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    I did not say that the emails were never sent. The emails are sent from eNom automatically. A lot of ISPs filter those as spam.

    We have a phone number for dedicated server customers. Tickets are answered fairly quickly, as indicated in my last reply to you. Yes, you have to renew each domain at this point - just order from the link Josh gave you the other day. This can be solved within an hour or so of your order being processed...and could have days ago.

    I do understand your frustration, but you're looking at this in a way that makes it much harder and drawn out than it needs to be. Just click the link and renew.

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    These guys make the rules

    Not Axis or eNom, they have no power but to follow the rules. One because Axis has no power over it at all, and two if eNom wants to stay ICANN Accredited. They must follow the ICANN rules or the alternative is to close shop.

    On a side note, it's your responsibility to keep track of your belongings. Also the notifications are sent by eNom, which Axis also has zero power or control over. Your complaint is better suited toward eNom in this instance.
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    The last domain to expire on sept 4th I recieved a email for from Axis host...NOT enom and it didnt go to my spam folder. So like I said before why didnt I recieve the same for the other 2 in a timely manner. Ive been left with no choice but renewing with you guys and paying 11.99 and 15 EXTRA to keep my info private that is rediculous but whatever. I shouldnt be paying the price for someone elses mistake but hey Im sure axishost doesnt care because they are getting their money.

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