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    My Gazzin Experience - Chapter 2

    Chapter 1 may be found here :

    I've been with Gazzin for almost a year (11 months already). Im still having troubles , server problems etc. (not as much as before). I can not reach cpanel/whm by typing but YAY! they resolved my problem by tellin me the ports.

    Password protect directories doesnt workin.If i want to protect a folder i'll have to create a ticket so they protect it for me. You can check it here : login&pass = test

    My website(s) goin down everysingle day. They do not accept it so i started monitoring my website. I do not even want 99.9%uptime as they guaranteed 98% is ok to me.

    Their support dept. working great. They reply your tickets in maximum 30mins.They do know what they are doing. If the problem takes too much time to fix they are simply updatin you. So i rate Gazzin 2 out of 5 cuz of this guys.

    last but not least.. do not buy from gazzin
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    Sounds like you're having some troubles, perhaps you should switch providers?

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    I will. Im looking for a better provider. Actually , i dont really care bout small problems caused im not resellin just hosting my several websites.

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    Yes. Stay far away from Gazzin. I have had a lot of experience in dealing with them for some of our clients. I work for a tech support company, and we have never had a good story about this company (or its parent company which is really just the same).

    Their uptime is the lowest I have personally seen, they never tell their customers a "good" answer if you use their live chat (as hardiz has pointed out and experienced), and they don't monitor their servers (unless you say something, they will never know it's down).

    I personally have jumped onto their live chat support to ask a few questions just to see what they say, and they give the most abstract answers that in no way help. They also use very poor english and if you ask what country they are from, you get...."Operator has closed your chat"

    I would have to say that is your perfect example of outsourcing-gone-terribly-wrong.

    So far I have worked for my tech company for over 4 years, and have had a lot of experience with assisting clients who host with It has never changed, and I doubt it ever will. If your looking for a good deal, don't let their prices distract you. Keep looking! Gazzin will be nothing more than a headache.

    Looking to resale hosting? Even more important that you do not use them. They will destroy your image. Take a look at services like Godaddy's reseller program. It can be a little more pricey, but well worth it in the long-run (especially since they offer un-branded tech support to your your clients will always think its you..and it takes the stress off of your back). And no, I do not have any affiliation with Godaddy (lol), that is simply one example.

    Good luck hardiz. There are many other hosting companies out there that would love to take good care of you.


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    Sorry for your issues, at least it seems the support was good.

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    Please contact our billing department for compensation.

    We been having alot of issues with this machine your on. We will be performing a chassis swap + OS reload sometime this week.

    Contact billing and we can get you 3 months free.

    Currently we have over 100+ resellers nodes some perform better than others but the uptime you show me is unacceptable!

    We do have monitoring on all our servers at 2 minutes intervals where these issues are usually promptly resolved. However on this node and a few others we are having difficulty resolving the issue.
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    I got an email from sales dept. says the server im on is going to be updated. They also credited my account for 3 months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hardiz View Post
    I got an email from sales dept. says the server im on is going to be updated. They also credited my account for 3 months.
    Glad to hear they are trying to make their service better from your feed backs. Give them one more chance and keep us updated again how it works for you.

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    Hello Matt ,

    Most annoyin thing with 'em is they do not take care until i write down everythin on forums.

    Server im on is updated and working proper. It took 30 mins to fix all related bugs i've mentioned a few posts up.They credited my account for 3 months. There also no outages which is important for me. Good job Gazzin.

  10. got the same problem now on Gazzin, the other week, my domain was hacked and they cant restore it coz they said even their backup was hacked!

    I also noticed that my sites is up and down an hour ago, chat support said they have network outage and it will be fix for half or an hour... I also experience this yesterday.

    I've been a loyal client for almost 5 years... now im thinking to switch to other company since Im getting a lot of big issues on downtime and security.
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