Mijn-Sleutel (My Key)
is pleased to offer competitive priced dedicated servers.

Processor: Intel dual core Atom 330
Memory: 2GB ram
Hard Drive : 160Gb
Operating System: Centos 5
Control Panel: avaible as add-on
IP Addresses: 2
Connection: 10Mbit
Bandwidth: 100 GB (In+Out)
Stock: Direct available after payment

Monthly Cost (pre-paid): € 35.00
Set-up: € 35.00, 3-month payment no set-up costs.
Hardware replacements within one workingday. Saturday and sunday not included.

Extra ip adress € 1,00 / month
50 Gb traffic € 7.50 / month
Remote reboot port € 4,95 / month
Directadmin license € 4,95 / month
250Gb harddrive instead of 160Gb € 4,00 / month
500Gb harddrive instead 160Gb € 6,00 / month

All prices are exclusive of VAT @ 19%

Datacenter and network info
Network: Digires (AS47207)
Datacenter: Tele2 pop Nijmegen
Test IP:

Order and payments
Orders can be placed by email ([email protected]). Payments can be made through wire transfer or paypal.

About nijmegen
Nijmegen lies 9 meters above sea level and is a municipality, city in the east of the Netherlands, near the German border. It is considered to be the oldest city in the Netherlands.