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    Need a professional banner and logos for a GSP site

    Requested logos and banners below will be used in GFM:

    I am nearing release state with the GFM and i want my clients can enjoy professional looking graphics, not only features

    I need you to make me a logo what will replace:

    Main thing it has word "GFM". This is a small logo and it will be used in my current client side control panel. It will be added at top of

    I need also a big main logo to replace:

    It has to be exactly same size as the above logo by dimensions. So 845*230 pixels exactly. My former local design firm did a mistake by hard "coding" navigation in to that logo which makes hard to modify the navigation, therefore new version cannot have that "hard coded", i will use text on that logo instead with current image map design.

    Finally the 3rd logo I want you to create is similar "soft box" to:

    My budget is about 100-150$ so about 100EUR. If you can offer me more logos than those requested 3 for that price, better.

    You can contact me directly via MSN what can be found from my profile here.

    If your earlier work pleases me, i will choose You. I will pay by PayPal.
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    Got you on msn, we can talk more about your requirements there
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    [Job no longer available]

    This job is almost finished by designer and therefore is no longer available.

    Thanks anyway for everyone interests who contacted me regarding this project.
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