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    Website Redesigned, Feedback required


    We did a redesign of our Website Softaculous:

    The questions we wanted to ask is whether does the updated site Put Across the information about the product well ?

    We require feedback on the new design as well.

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    Overall I really like the design. When I first went to the homepage the "logo's" on the right hand side overwhelmed me but I got used to them. I really like how you have your sub-pages setup such as - very nice and easy to read. Great job!
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    alons, the site looks great and easy to navigate. The home page was a little overwhelming with all of the tiny images that smack you right in the face when it loads, but I got use to them and found all of the information very easy to digest.
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    In general, the layout is cool, I like the clean style (less is often more). Not sure about the logo's though, they are overwhelming indeed. Most visitors judge a website within 1 second. If it's not good enough, they will go.
    Have you tried putting all logo's in small square canvas boxes? Like Windows Explorer does if you watch images in thumbnail mode. This way you still show the amount of scripts available but because all square boxes align with eachother, it doesn't look as chaotic as it does now.

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