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    Favorite Smartphone Game


    I had a good friend of mine send me a game called "Bubble Popper" for my BlackBerry and I'm obsessed with it! Is there a game on your Smartphone that you play whenever you have free time?
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    Brick Breaker on my BlackBerry is pretty addicting once I start playing.
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    I'm an addict of word mole on my blackberry

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    Oh there is a TON of games for smartphones and windows mobile. Check out "xda-developers" on google. They have a load of applications and game discussions in regards to various windows-based phones (and others). If not, just search google for such and you will find many places who can recommend a good game or a free one even.

    I know there is a bubble popping game for windows mobile devices. I forget the title of it though. Look up "Bubble Buster for windows mobile" ...I think that's the name of the game, and I am sure it's free.


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    Solitaire. I know, old, but I still find it a ton of fun when on the train.
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