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Thread: httpd error

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    httpd error

    this is the output of
    httpd status

    72-0149190/0/0G 0.002600.00.000.00 /attachments/15/7/8/file3 73-0149200/0/0G 0.002600.00.000.00 /attachments/16/4/8/file1 74-0149210/0/0G 0.002600.00.000.00 /attachments/16/4/6/filea 75-0149220/0/0G 0.002600.00.000.00

    76-0149230/0/0G 0.002600.00.000.00

    77-1154290/1/3R 0.00000.00.000.00 ??..reading.. 78-0149250/0/0G 0.002600.00.000.00

    79-0149260/0/0G 0.002600.00.000.00

    I cnt understand how come this reading and blank lines coming in the status..

    The prob is as soon i start my httpd all my connections get full within seconds.
    and then httpd doesnt responds.. Is this prob normal..
    I mean to say the blank lines..

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    Increase the value of maxclient in http.conf

    check if too many connections are flooding from particular IP address.

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