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    10GB Disk, 300GB BW, 8.99 With An Extra 60% OFF RECURRING. FFMPEG - & Tonnes More!

    A crazy re-launch offer by us to you.

    This month, we're giving away a limited number of people an exclusive 60% OFF discount of all our Reseller hosting packages.

    Check out some of our reseller hosting plans below!

    ALL HOSTING PLANS HAVE UNLIMITED FEATURES SUCH AS EMAIL ACCOUNTS, ADDON DOMAINS, SUB DOMAINS, ETC.... The only stuff limited is what's shown below on the plan description.

    All our servers are equipped with FFMPEG, so video website hosting IS allowed!

    PLAN 1
    Disk Space: 10GB
    Bandwidth: 300GB
    Features: Unlimited
    Support: Provided

    8.99 GBP Monthly - Without the 60% Off discount!
    Direct Order Link - http://my.secureserver.ultrahoster.c...p?a=add&pid=15

    PLAN 2

    Disk Space: 20GB
    Bandwidth: 400GB
    Features: Unlimited
    Support: Provided

    12.99 GBP Monthly - Without the 60% Off discount!
    Direct Order Link - http://my.secureserver.ultrahoster.c...p?a=add&pid=16

    PLAN 3
    Disk Space: 40GB
    Bandwidth: 500GB
    Features: Unlimited
    Support: Provided

    17.99 GBP Monthly - Without the 60% OFF recurring discount!
    Direct Order Link - http://my.secureserver.ultrahoster.c...p?a=add&pid=17

    Cheap right? And don't worry, you get fantastic support as well as free script installation. And NO, we never overcrowd our servers, we're not resellers, we OWN the servers which are powerful!

    Your keep every little penny you make, we don't charge you any more than the prices above or with the discount.

    Remember to enter your 60% OFF RECURRING code upon checkout.

    Recurring means 60% OFF for life! Not the first month like many companies offer.

    Be quick as we only have a limited number of customers who can use this voucher.

    Check out the site for more details and plans.

    Want more details, open a ticket with us! - http://my.secureserver.ultrahoster.c...tep=2&deptid=1

    Have a great week guys!

    Nicolas David
    Ultrahoster Web Solutions
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