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    Talking Need some advice and a Logo Expert

    I am looking to shorten my top bar of my website, The TAN BG where the iMac is and where the "aTechosting" .... Logo and complex text is residing.

    People have said to me that it is quite large, It needs to be shortened down and a new logo put into action.

    So what I need is a new logo, A great catchy concept to our name "aTechosting". Originally the name was sprung as running "aTechforum", Though 2 different sides all together.


    - I will shorten the tan backround so I can replace the current imac and the wording etc with a new logo, Catchy, Simplicit and something that will blend in with the design.

    Can any recommend me a logo maker, Good price not too over priced at the moment as I have seen some excellent ones in the offers section for $50.00 but I know the say you get what you pay for.

    Can anyone also recommend the Height at which is should or would be suitable to shrink it down to? Currently it is at 235px in height.

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    Hi, I've just contacted you via MSN

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    Hi - I could do the whole job for $15, Please PM Me.
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    The height is great for the home page, I would keep it at the same height. But for the subpages, I would design a second header which is at about 120 px high, that includes the logo and the name only. So the homepage and the subpages would have different headers.

    I can work on the header size adjustment if you like, but I'm not that good at logos. You can find another logo designer to work with me. But if you want the header adjustment and the logo design made by the same person, that wouldn't be me
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    First off great website. I think with the homepage leaving the 'Tan' height as is gives you enough room to work with some neat / creative ideas. As far as the logo goes... perhaps getting rid of the iMac would be a great step in branding your company.

    On sub-pages I would concerns the 'Tan' height to about half of the current homepage one. On the sub-page maybe have something like "Did you know?" and put in some facts about your web hosting company people might not know about. Or on your Reseller sub-page run a special in the 'Tan' area.

    Your going to need a designer that has the skills to development high-tech icons along with an outstanding turnaround time. Best of luck to you and your website.
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    I don't think it's a bad decision at all to shorten it down, it is a little too large and pushes some of your main content out of sight.

    I'd certainly have a look at the logo design for you, but quality does come at a price depending what you're after. You can get me one of my IM's if you maybe want to talk over your requirement and get a quote
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