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    Question Need Help with Creating School(ASB) Site

    Hey there. I'm a high school student and my job in ASB (Associated Student Body) is 'webmaster'. I'm supposed to create a site for my school's ASB and the purpose of the site is to provide information and school news to students/parents as well as the ASB class. I talked to my ASB adviser once about the site and it seemed like he knew what the purpose for the site would be but not specifics in design and such. Next time, I should prepare a list of questions or something to get specifics. I'm looking for suggestions on how I should approach this task.

    Ideally, I'd like to make this site from scratch so that I would be able to have more control over design and such but one thing my adviser wanted was a way for other administrators/officers to edit the site content, so it looks like that's not an option unless someone has another idea.

    Since a login system is necessary, I'm thinking of using a CMS. Since a blog CMS would be useful for updating news, I was thinking of using Wordpress or any other CMS that's capable of doing this. What CMS would be good for what I'm trying to accomplish? I also don't want the site to look generic and plain like many educational sites out there but make it look interesting and a resource people would use maybe even daily.

    This is going to be a big job, especially since I'm involved in a lot of other activities and I've got to create a site that will potentially be viewed by hundreds. I don't have a clear-cut deadline or anything but does anybody have some advice or insight for me on creating this site?

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    Well, I would definitely go with WordPress - in the longer term, it would allow you to have more "contributors" perhaps for the various departments / sections on the website.

    In terms of parents "feedback", it would also allow "comments" which would serve in your interactive responses for what your site will host.

    In terms of your "requirements" list, I think the best thing to do is look at it from 2 perspectives:
    1. The "user / visitor's" perspective who will be visiting your site - parents, students, and non-affiliated visitors (those who have arrived on the site via search engines, forums, etc.)
    2. The "school" - this would be from the viewpoint of those contributing to the site (therefore, this would focus on the back-end of the system mainly, and how easy it would be to perform updates, amendments, etc.)

    Then do a breakdown of WHAT your "visitors" would be looking for on the site, or wanting to see on the site - the simplest would be perhaps (if possible), to conduct a short survey of the current pupils / parents and ask them what they would like to see - you'll be surprised at the information you would be able to glean from this!

    Similarly, run a survey for the potential contributors to the site to get their input.

    Once you have the "big picture", you'll definitely have the questions in place to answer WHAT your site is trying to achieve, and the answer as to HOW it will achieve this!

    Good Luck!

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    Some of the following CMS might be suitable for you, you can decide to choose which CMS to use based on your expertise:

    Community Server


    Good Luck!
    ASP.NET Web Hosting with DotNetPanel and CMS.

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