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    * Mysql not working! Please help

    I have installed MySql on my raq and it is not starting

    [root /]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/mysql start
    [root /]# Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /home/mysql
    021112 21:39:56 mysqld ended

    Then when i try to stop it i get this

    No mysqld pid file found. Looked for /home/mysql/

    in the /home/mysql/ I get this

    I have 9 cobalts and this the first one that i have had an issue with.



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    Can any one help on this issue. I cannot believe that.

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    Do a "tail /home/mysql/" and post the output.


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    tail /home/mysql/
    021113 19:27:19 mysqld started
    /usr/sbin/mysqld: ready for connections
    021113 19:27:26 /usr/sbin/mysqld: Normal shutdown

    021113 19:27:26 /usr/sbin/mysqld: Shutdown Complete

    021113 19:27:26 mysqld ended

    021113 19:27:33 mysqld started
    /usr/sbin/mysqld: ready for connections

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    I am also getting this error

    MySQL said: Can't create database 'fasdf'. (errno: 122)

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    I have gone in and tried to find the right file to edit to get this error to go away but cannot.

    If anyone can help me this would be great.

    P.S. This is MySQL 3.23.37 on a raq4 with this installed

    Relational Database Server and Client tools by InterBase. Release V6.0
    Cobalt MySQL Release 3.23.37-1
    Cobalt OS Release 6.0
    RaQ4-All-Kernel Release 2.0.1-2.2.16C32III
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-13323
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-13453
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-14039
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-14559
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-14997
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-15417
    RaQ4-All-Security Release 2.0.1-2-15787
    RaQ4-All-System Release 2.0.1-12854
    RaQ4-All-System Release 2.0.1-13993
    RaQ4-All-System Release 2.0.1-14185
    RaQ4-en-OSUpdateRelease 2.0
    RaQ4-en-SecurityRelease 2.0.1-SHP
    Third Party Disaster Recovery Release 1.0.2-9198

    Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/hda1 743466 579981 163485 78% /
    /dev/hda3 198601 13443 185158 7% /var
    /dev/hda4 17671528 111483 17560045 1% /home

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    lemme think...
    from the top of my head:
    ln -s /var/lib/mysql /home/mysql
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    A very BIG thanks to for saving me from my MySql issue.

    They sure know their stuff.


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