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    Darwin Streaming Server

    Does anyone have any experience with Darwin Streaming Server?

    I want to set up a radio station type thing. It won't be live, instead will broadcast a random playlist from files I want to be played.
    I think mp3 files would be best for me.

    It will run on a linux server.

    I'm downloading apples Darwin but I cannot find that much info on it at their site such as, how many streams at once.
    I don't need many at the mo - under 10 would be fine.

    Is Darwin easy to setup - it looks a bit scary?

    I've looked at shout cast and the 'ice' thingy but correct me if I'm wrong but don't they involve the software being connected to the software makers server or something? I'd rather keep everything on my own server.

    Real, looks ok but I'd rather work with mp3's.

    Windows media looks good but a windows server is needed I think.

    Another thing Id like is that I can embed the play/stop buttons into my web graphics rather than having a player pop up.

    Also, can Darwin playback files in a random mode rather than a set order?

    Sorry for all my questions but if anyone has any tips or advice I'd be grateful.


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    I used it... on a windows box ... it's relatively easy, but you need to get the man pages and go thru them.... that was the hardest part. I switched to real its easier to use and seems to work better, but again its on windows.

    Help files can be found here:

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    For clarity's sake, don't use "<ip address of hostname>" use the ACTUAL 32-bit numeric IP address of the machine.

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