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    my support experience with Lime Stone Networks

    Today I ran into some performance issues on my dedicated server (due to I/O of too many small files on primary disk). So I asked LimeStoneNetworks to add a secondary drive.

    They are insane. They don't charge one time service fee, and added a 80gig secondary drive for 5$ a month (I just needed it for creating a different file system on Windows, not for space, so 80 gig is enough for me).

    My server was down for less than 10 minutes. Carl created an invoice for 5$ and I was supposed to pay that before they can add the disk to the server.

    I told him, I paid it via paypal. He could not find it in the system, but still went ahead and upgraded the server. The billing issue will be resolved later, when they can track where that payment went, but they did not wait for it to resolve first.

    This type of super fast service and insane price requires a feedback post / appreciation post. I am happy I consolidated my mini servers to a giant server at LimeStone . It will be one year in a few days.

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    They're great people over there.
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    Good to hear you are happy.

    Thanks for the post.
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    Great to hear your happy experience, may it stay that way with them Remember to keep us updated with anything you feel important.
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    another great review with limestonenetworks.

    they will probably never cease to amaze me.

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    Just what i would expect from limestonenetworks they do a great job

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdani View Post
    They are insane. They don't charge one time service fee, and added a 80gig secondary drive for 5$ a month
    If they keep you happy and you stay with them this would be to their advantage as this is extra revenue in the long term, so good on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdani View Post
    They are insane.
    You're absolutely right about that ;-)

    Thanks for the great review. We are glad to hear that you are pleased thus far and pledge to continue to surpass expectations!
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    Alot about LSN and their great work has been popping up on the forums, good jobs guys :@

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