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    * [For Hire] Linux Administration, Script Installation, PHP Programming [CakePHP too!]

    Hey Everyone,

    Do you need a Unix Sysadmin?
    I have many years of experience on ubuntu/centos linux platforms and pick up things quickly. I'm familiar with cPanel and the installation/upgrade/managament of various PHP based scripts such as WHMCS, PHPBB, Kayako, etc. I managed the servers for my small web hosting company for many years in the past.

    Do you need a PHP Programmer?
    I have many years of experience programming in php. I am also proficient with the CakePHP framework if that is something that you're interested in as well. I have successfully built a few custom modules for WHMCS in the past and have no problems working with third party APIs to get the job done. I also have experience with jQuery to get some of that fancy javascript work that you've been craving for done =)

    Do you need a site migration?
    I have extensive experience in migrating websites, usually with no downtime at all. I have migrated all types of websites, from simple static sites to complex forums to personal web blogs. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your personal situation!

    Do you need some website work?
    I can do tabled website to tableless website conversions using only CSS while still keeping your site validated. I can do website modifications for you as well, such as content and/or layout based modifications. I can also do WHMCS integeration templates to match your client portal to your website.

    I am based out of California but my work hours are quite flexible. I can start work immediately and can be easily contacted through various internet communciation tools (IM, email, etc.). Feel free to PM me or email me: rnavarro [at] if you have any questions or want to get started! =)
    Robert Navarro
    Fun, Personal, Programming!

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    Used his services to add an adbrite code, very quick service. Worked with me to every little request!

    Thank You! Recommend to anyone!
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